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Like all other signage Flex Face signs provide your business an identity and manifest who you are and what does your business do to visitors and potential customers. As Flex, a highly promotional medium we apply both print and vinyl graphics. We have in-house capability for both printing and vinyl cutting.

Why Choose Flex Face Signs

  • Comes in 2 options- INDOOR and OUTDOOR quality.
  • Are easier to install and require minimum maintenance.
  • The most economical when compared to other sign systems thus it give value for money.
  • Creativity can be well depicted having flexibility that any custom graphics or colours can be digitally printed.
  • Help your graphics message stand out from the crowd.

Types of Flex Face Signs

  • Illuminated fascia signs
  • Non illuminated fascia signs
  • Fascia with 3D illuminated letters mounted signs
  • Vertical double sided light boxes
  • Directional signs
  • Flex face light boxes